Some of these groups are called Colorado Action Network, some chose to use other names, but the goal is the same- to connect citizen activists and share calls to action, support causes we care about, share factual information, and have respectful dialogue about what’s happening in our world right now.

If you don’t see contact info for the group nearest you, know that we are working on getting email addresses and URLs as soon as we can!

Action Together Network-Weld, Adams, & East County

Boulder CAN!

CAN! Colorado Action Network (Statewide Group)
See contact form on this page

C.A.P.E. Denver (Community Activism for Progress and Equality)
capedenver at capedenver dot org
Twitter: @CAPEDenver

Central Denver CAN!

Colorado Springs CAN!

Jeffco CAN!

Northern CAN!

South Metro Denver CAN!