Jeffco CAN! Hosts Activism 101 Seminar with Braden Cox, Legislative Aide

When we were brainstorming meeting topics before the holidays, we thought it would be a great idea to start the year off right by focusing on sound activism at our first meeting of 2017. We found just the guy to help us out in the form of Braden Cox, who had a long history of activism before he started working as a legislative aide to Rep. Rachel Zenzinger. So on Sunday, January 15th, we rented out a room at the Wheat Ridge Active Adult Center, and Braden went over the basics of the Colorado Legislative process, and how to communicate with your elected representatives at the State and Federal levels.

Some of our members have been involved in activism a long time, some had been in the distant past, and some are new to activism, having woken up to a harsh new reality on November 9th. Braden had great insights to share with all of us. And since many of our members wanted to be at the Save Our Health Care rallies on that day, we recorded the talk on Facebook Live so that everyone would have a chance see it. Check out Braden’s talk on Jeffco CAN’s public Facebook page.

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